Minnesota School Outreach Coalition

We are a coalition of Minnesota students, educators, families, community members, and organizations working within the broad context of schools to address the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. 


MnSOC Mission: To create healthy learning environments that are inclusive, supportive, and safe,and where dual orientation and gender identity / expressions are respected. 


MnSOC Services Include: 

  • Education:  Statewide trainings and in-services for K-12 educational institutions and other organizations seeking additional information about GLBT people, topics, and creating affirming enviroments.
  • Technical Assistance:  Consultations about particular issues involving sexual orientation or gender identity, including policies regarding "Gay-Straight Alliances"
  • Legal Information:  Information regarding such statues as the Minnesota Human Rights Act and the Equal Access Act, and how they apply to GLBT individuals or student groups
  • Student Oriented Programs:  Annual events such as GLBT lobby day at the state capitol, Day of Silence/Night of Noise celebration, and our state-wide youth conference: Q-Quest Youth Fest


MnSOC Newsletter: The MnSOC e-news comes out two times monthly and features news, events, and meeting minutes from the MN School OUTreach Coalition, as well as other news and events related to LGBTQ education issues in Minnesota.  We invite you to subscribe yourself by clicking this link! 


We are located at:

4123 East Lake Street

Minneapolis, MN 55406

(877) 452-8543






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Working Together to Create

Safe & Welcoming Schools for

All Minnesota Students, Staff & Families

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